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Garage Door Motor Installation Rancho Cucamonga CA

As time goes by you will discover that the one thing which breaks down most often is your automatic garage door as it has so many mechanical parts which need to work in unison like rollers, the track, the lift system and remote controls. As each year passes you should check your automatic garage door opener track and its moving parts. If it appears that there is a problem with your garage door opener but it works when you activate it from the main control panel then most likely you have to change the batteries. You should close the garage door, turn off the power by switching off the circuit breaker and then try to troubleshoot.

What you want to do is to line up the two optical sensors that are located on each side of the garage opening. If these two sensors don't line up then the garage door opener safety mechanism won't allow it to activate. Inspect the track to see if there are any loose or missing parts and make sure that the mounting brackets are securely fastened to the wall and no screw or bolts are missing. Next you'll want to clean the track and garage door roller by using a scrub brush to remove any debris which might be blocking the movement of the door. Lubricate the inside of the track with motor oil and make sure that don't use grease as a lubricant because it can eventually build up and accumulate dirt and interfere with the movement of the rollers.

Check the tension in the springs by disconnecting the automatic door opener and try to open the door manually. If it seems difficult to lift, then the tension in the springs should be increased. If tension adjusting doesn't solve the problem then replace the springs. If the garage door doesn't go down all the way adjust the door opener's close limit. You'll want to check your owner's manual for the direct instructions on how to adjust the limit. Many openers have limit controlled by two screws on the side panel of the motor box. One screw controls how high the door can be raised and the other screw controls how far it can be lowered.

Keep in mind before you attempt anything that it is a problem which can't be easily corrected. Something that is tricky or difficult to fix could require the help of a professional Rancho Cucamonga Garage Door Repair service. If perhaps there are track problems you'll hear loud noises and there'll be a struggling of the door. First be sure that the tracks are cleaned and properly lubricated and that all the springs are oiled. Use lubricant such as WD-40 instead of grease. If this doesn't improve the performance of the garage door then the motor might need fixing, adjusting or even replacing. Doing everything right will save you lots of time and money so be careful and go step-by-step so you don't create an even bigger problem.